Monisia (pixxi) wrote in i2eveille,

In case you used to go to the message board, we're thinking it might be down for good.

This is from Dustin's journal:

Well, they finally shut down the reveille boards. Such a shame. Anyways, Jim (Basilisk) got the FTP up and running, and we decided, along with Stoney, to start up a new board. It will basically be for us ex-Reveille people to have the discussions we always have, plus it will be used as a info-center for the FTP (people commenting on the music on there etc.)

Basically we are re-creating the old community, and adding our own personal file-swap service.

Reveille Survivors Anonymous

P.S. You dont have to be from the Reveille oards to join us! If you wanna join us and share your opinions on ANYTHING, feel free. We are a lively bunch!
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